Cloud robotics

 Cloud robotics

What is cloud robotics?

Cloud robotics is the use of a cloud computing to share resources and learning among robots through the internet.


What else do we call it?

Swarm robotics, swarm bots


What does it look like? How does it work?


Which technologies make this happen?

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Where can I read more about this?

Wikipedia-logoSwarm robotics

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Robot-App Store.

Romo: $150 cloud-enabled robot from Romotive.

“Ten Dollar Robot” Design Challenge Winners.Results of an open competition for designs for ultra-low cost robots for education, 2012. Organized by the African Robotics Network.

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In June 2011, President Obama announced the U.S. National Robotics Initiative, earmarking over $70M for new research. ROS in Java for Robots using Android phones and tablets by Damon Kohler (Google Munich), 2011.

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