What’s not to love about technology? I’m certainly hooked. It’s logical, creative, exploratory, futuristic, and – when used wisely – enables vastly more efficient, effective and enjoyable worlds for us all to live.. These are (nearly*) all my interests wrapped up in one.

I research, read and watch all the great thinking that’s out there about future technologies. I created Tech Salad to explore and share predictions of where these technologies lead us.

Why Tech salad?

Some of the greatest ideas and inspirations were not planned. They came out of the cross-pollination of two seemingly unrelated ideas. The image of the mixing of ideas is much like the image of tossing a salad together. Inspiration and innovation in technology often comes from tossing together a couple of different technologies. Look through our site, see if you can come up with some interesting mixtures and let me know what you find.

What are Tech salad’s sources and methodology?

I have been particularly inspired by the work of Michell Zappa at Envisioning technology. Their infamous forecasting infographic uses an intelligent categorisation technique which I have maintained here. They categorise technologies on a range from bits to atoms, including, artificial intelligence, internet, interfaces, sensors, ubicomp, robotics, biotech, materials, energy, space and environment (geo-engineering). I have added another bucket, discipline, to track emerging scientific disciplines that are created to keep up with new discovery.

I have also used a lot of the time estimates from Envisioning technology, however these are continually being revised as I track trends across the world.

I have 3 principal sources of information for Tech salad:

  • Scientific and technical papers and journals
  • Technology and science blogs and magazines
  • Gadget and technology fan sites, groups and clubs

I also scour all kinds of other user groups, news, university press and other online resources which inform my research database. These sources update the dependencies between the various technologies and scientific advance to adapt the estimated common availability of the tech listed here.

Enjoy Tech Salad and feel free to muse about what will happen when you toss together two new technologies and create something completely unexpected.